The Farm

Our training facility is nestled in the heart of farm country in Central Pennsylvania, close to Lancaster and Harrisburg. The location is the site of what was once an old orchard, set on rolling hills and rich fertile soil.  We renovated the old farm and turned it into a modern showjumping haven.

The Old barn houses the largest 10 of the 20 stalls on the property, also a cool and quiet environment for the horses living there. The new section (constructed by King Barns) consists of 10 large stalls, built in the historic heavy beam style taken from the days when the Old barn was built.  Each of the 20 stalls is equipped with an automatic water, fan, skylight and most have a window facing out into the courtyard.  There are three grooming stalls, two wash stalls, a laundry, feed and tack room.

The spacious and naturally well-lit indoor ring is conveniently connected to the barn and has 10 garage style doors that act as windows.  During the sunny summer months, these large open windows aided by two large ceiling fans allow for shaded ventilated training.  The footing in the indoor is a dust free, top of the line silica sand mix (installed by footing expert Lawton Adams Footing First). This footing provides a cushioned yet firm flatwork and jumping surface.  The large outdoor ring (installed by Lawton Adams) is also a silica sand mix, irrigated to attain the perfect training surface on a daily basis.

Close to the barn and indoor is the carefully constructed 6-horse covered silent walker (by Kraft), equipped with rubber matting.

The facility also boasts 10 various sized shaded paddocks. Each paddock is safely constructed with 5′ wooden fencing.  The property is surrounded by 160 acres of farmland, accessed by shaded grass bridle trails.  The farm connects to additional farmland acreage that can be reached on horseback from our property. This allows us to work on the horses stamina, fitness and mental well-being.

A well located place to access northern and southern competition and clients, Five Way Farm LLC offers the ideal training environment for horses of all ages headed for the top of the sport.

We have created the perfect environment for the horse in training. Newly built and renovated twenty stall facility. Large, well-lit, ventilated indoor ring, large, irrigated outdoor ring – both with superb footing. New and natural jumps. Large paddocks. Covered walker. A thousand acres of surrounding farmland with shaded grass bridle trails.

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The Property