Our Services

We are currently accepting quality showjumpers of any age from the owner who wants to see his or her horse advance to its potential or for the purposes of re-sale. Because of our many connections in Europe and North and South America, we are well positioned to find and select the right horse for the serious rider or investor. We currently have a wide range of show horses available for sale. Please contact us for further information about our horses. We pride ourselves in our ability to select the right horse for our clients-let us find the right one for you! We do also offer training for the jumper ring for people of junior and adult ages who compete at an accomplished level.

Our Team

Filip De Wandel

Filip De Wandel was born in Belgium. He grew up in the show jumping world of Belgium, sharing a passion for horses with his family. At an early age he became an accomplished competitor and trainer of young horses. He now competes in the jumper ring at all levels. He has many years of experience in the breeding industry of the Showjumper, in addition to all of the skills that go along with that part of the industry including knowledge of the european jumping bloodlines and handling and riding young horses. His expertise does not stop there. He is passionate about and proven to be successful at producing a young showjumper, starting with the groundwork, flatwork, jumping and ultimately competition. In fact he was the first rider for the famous breeding stallion and showjumping legend “Clinton”. Filip believes that the showjumper’s foundation begins at home with a studied and dedicated daily attention to detail and an individualized program based on the needs of each horse. Filip trained and competed several horses up to results in the 7 year old Belgian championships that were then sold and went on to be international champions including: Sylvana (Kevin Staut), Abbervail van het Dingeshof (Dennis Lynch), Myra (Lieven Devos)

Eliza Lehrman

Eliza Lehrman is originally from New York. She had the benefit of training with several great horsemen including: Andre Dignelli, Norman Dello Joio, Michelle Grubb, Robert Crandall and Kate Oliver. She competes in the jumper ring and has been a successful Grand Prix and young horse rider. She has the knowledge and foundation of the American Showjumping system from the equitation, hunter and jumper experts with whom she worked. She also has years of experience living and riding in Belgium where she acquired additional training techniques. She has created a unique and personal training and teaching style that is a combination of what she believes to be the best of the principles she has learned along the way. The basis of her training is grounded in the basic fundamentals of position, balance and connection. Eliza begins with a horse in training with the goal that the horse should reach its full potential through correct, diligent training and experience. When her horses are sold, the new owner can be assured of a horse with a strong foundation, rideability and potential for continued success. She has produced and identified quality horses that went on to be successful horses in the professional and amateur rings including: Onatello VDL (Chelsea Moss), Falexis (Julie Ledoux), Martha Louise (Conor Swail), Avenir, Helia De Muze, Gideon Van Orti (Victoria Grauer), Downtown (Heritage Farm), Lada, Ballerina, Sarasina (Pamela Nalefski), Platini VDL.